Why are there "holes" on the packaging bag?

Why are there "holes" on the packaging bag?


According to the purpose, the "holes" on the packaging bags are generally divided into two types: hanging holes and air holes.

Hanging holes

There are generally two types of hanging holes: round holes and aircraft holes (butterfly holes).

Because the packaging bags such as three-side sealed pouch and flat pouch with back(or center)sealed cannot stand by themselves, and the shelf space of the supermarket is limited, in order to use the limited space to place more things, it is necessary to make hanging holes on the packaging bags.

Air holes

Some goods have inner packaging and outer packaging (mostly food packaging, such as roast chicken, pig trotters, etc.) The inner packaging is vacuumed, and the outer packaging is decoration. In order to facilitate transportation, the packaging bag should not be too filled. At this time,a hole in the package can be used to exhaust the excess air, to avoid air occupying the space.

Air holes are also provided for safety reasons, such as preventing children from suffocating due to mishandling (such as putting the bag over the head).


Retort pouch : A large amount of water vapor will be generated during heating. In order to improve safety, small holes should be cut to disperse air before heating.

Coffee bag with one-way airvalve: Roasted coffee beans produce carbon dioxide. When the pressure inside the bag is higher than the pressure outside the bag, the airvalve opens to discharge the carbon dioxide.

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