Why are embossed vacuum bags more cost-effective than smooth vacuum bags?

Why are embossed vacuum bags more cost-effective than smooth vacuum bags?


Vacuum bags can be divided into two types, namely embossed vacuum bags and smooth vacuum bags. In contrast, embossed vacuum bags are more cost-effective than smooth vacuum bags.

1. Appearance.

The smooth vacuum bag has a smooth surface and high transparency;

vacuum bag

Embossed vacuum bags have textures on the surface, so they are also called textured vacuum bags or special surface channel bags.

embossed vacuum bag

2. The bag type after vacuuming.

Smooth vacuum bageasy to form an uneven phenomenon

Embossed vacuum baghas a smoother appearance and higher evenness.

The surface of the embossed vacuum bag is pressed with fine textures, which can form many micro-channels when vacuuming, making the vacuuming effect more thorough.

3. Material.

Smooth vacuum bagusually made of a variety of materials;

Embossed vacuum bagthe commonly used material is a seven-layer co-extrusion material, which is formed at one time without glue compounding.

4. Printing.

Smooth vacuum bags can be directly printed.

Embossed vacuum bags cannot be printed directly (so there will be no contamination of ink and chemical solvents). If packaging and decoration design is required, outer printing packaging should be added.

5. Applicable vacuum machine.

Smooth vacuum bags: only for vacuum machines with extraction nozzles.

Embossed vacuum bag: suitable for household, commercial, large and small vacuum machines.

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