Stand Up Pouch With Flip Cover

Stand Up Pouch With Flip Cover


1. PP flip cover

PP: odorless and non-toxic (non-toxic when used in the temperature range of -30°C to 140°C), its products can be bent more than 100 times at room temperature without damage, especially suitable for clamshell designs that need to be folded for multiple times.


① Large caliber, convenient for filling liquid

② Can be opened with one hand;

③ After opening, the cover head is connected with the cover body through a hinge, which is not easy to lose;

④ Double leak proof (threaded ring and industrial lock)

⑤ Can effectively isolate air and dust contact.

2. The bag.

Suitable for all kinds of liquids (when the volume is less than 100 ml, can be carried on board).


① Non-toxic, odorless, safe and environmentally friendly

② Thickened material, good toughness, strong compression resistance, not easy to leak when squeezed at will

③ It can be recycled after cleaning (when replacing the contents, clean the container first, dry it before use, remember not to wash it with hot water at high temperature);

④ The bottom can stand on its own, the back cover is thickened, the more it is installed, the more stable it is to stand.

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