PET Candy Twist Film VS PVC Candy Twist Film

PET Candy Twist Film VS PVC Candy Twist Film


Twist packaging is one of the most traditional candy packaging methods. The main material of the twist film are PET and PVC.

In contrast, PET twist film has the following advantages:

1. It is a world-recognized green and environmentally friendly material, and has been certified by the US FDA.

2. Good twist performance and will not rebound.

3. The width of the printing film can reach more than one meter, and the printing speed can reach more than 200M/min. On the automatic candy packaging machine, the packaging speed can reach 2000 pcs/min without cracking when the film is twisted.

Generally, the film width of PVC twist film is controlled at about 60cm, and the printing speed cannot exceed 150M/min. The highest speed of packaging on the automatic candy packaging machine is 1000 pcs/min, and the film is prone to crack.

4. High strength, good stiffness, thickness can be 19μm, 23μm, 25μm (19μm is mainly used for manual packaging of dried meat, fresh fruit packaging or paper-plastic composite twist packaging. And 23μm, 25μm is mainly used for candy and chocolate twist packaging) and the material density is slightly lower than that of the PVC twist film, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the material.

The thickness of PVC twist film must be above 28μm in order to have certain strength and stiffness to meet the requirements of aluminum plating and printing.

5. The biaxial stretching production process is adopted, with stable quality, uniform film thickness and high mechanical strength, which can meet the processing of high-speed printing and aluminum plating, and the qualified rate of finished products can reach more than 99%.

The PVC twist film is mainly produced by calendering and casting. The film thickness uniformity is poor and the mechanical strength is low. It is easy to cause wrinkles and film breakage in the process of printing and aluminizing.

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