Four-Color Printing and Spot Color Printing

Four-Color Printing and Spot Color Printing


1. Meaning.

▲Four-color printing, also known as Process printing or CMYK printing. It is a printing process that uses yellow (Y), magenta (M), cyan (C) three kinds of primary ink and black ink (BK) to reproduce the color of the original manuscript. That is, using different superpositions of these four colors to get the desired color.

As long as the color has a gradient, it is overprinted in four colors. Four-color printing is superimposed with dots, and dots of different colors can be seen with a magnifying glass.

Spot color printing refers to a printing process in which other color inks rather than yellow, magenta, cyan, and black ink are used to reproduce the original color.

Spot color printing is a single color, no gradient, the pattern is solid, and the dots cannot be seen with a magnifying glass. (Spot color printing generally cost a bit more.)

It has the following three characteristics:


Each color has its own fixed hue, so it can ensure the accuracy of the color in printing.

Solid colors

Spot colors are generally defined by solid colors.

Wide color gamut

The gamut of color in the color library is very wide, which exceeds the gamut of CMYK and RGB.

2. Visual Effects

▲The color reproduced by the four-color printing is thick, the tone distortion is large, the layering is unreal, and the three-dimensional effect is not strong.

▲Spot color printing has low color brightness and high saturation, and it is easy to obtain a uniform and thick printing effect of ink color.

3. Scope of application.

Four-color printing: pictures taken by color photography that reflect the colorful changes in the natural world, color art works of painters, or other pictures containing many different colors.

▲Spot color printing: Spot color printing is often used in packaging printing to print large-area background colors. In the case of comprehensively considering improving the printing quality and saving the number of overprints, spot color printing can be selected.

If the picture of a certain product has both a color gradation picture and a large-area background color, the color gradation picture part can be printed in four colors, and the large-area background color can be printed in spot colors.

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